Your pets can enjoy wellness and health as much as you can.

Animals are very sensitive creatures who have great awareness of their environment and are very receptive to energy healing.

BODYTALK for animals will help balance your pet to stresses in their environment by helping them communicate anything that might be making them uncomfortable and unhappy. 

BODYTALK will help detect  any discomfort, dis-ease, and help the animal express their thoughts, feelings and emotions just like any human being. 

Animals can be greatly affected by separation from their birth parents and siblings, by treatment received at a breeder, by living on streets, or in a shelter, by being abused and by the environment in your household, often times, making them develop certain behaviours, such as: anger, sadness, depression and fright.

Other than carrying their own baggage, animals are usually the shield and the protectors of a household. Animals are capable of picking up any bad energy in the environment where they live and even develop dis-eases, often times, trying to protect their beloved owner from being affected by any negativity.

BODYTALK  is preventive healthcare system designed to protect you, your family and your furry friend from being sick, as well as to help your pet communicate their thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

*Is there something your pet is trying to tell you by developing a certain behaviour? 
*Is your pet happy in your household?  
*What is causing your pet to be stressed and sick?
*Are your pets getting along with each other? 

Some of the issues that can be addressed with BODYTALK for animals:    

* Traumas, Fears, Phobias

*Allergies, Intolerance 

*Digestive issues 

*Lack of or Excessive Appetite 

*Chronic Pain 


*Behavioral issues, Excessive Barking 


*Improves performances 

*Dental health 


*Depression, Grief 

*Speeds up Healing

*Pre-Post Surgery



*Upper Respiratory Conditions

*Urinary Infection



*Heart Condition

*Mobility Issues