BODYTALK is a holistic body-mind medicine that allows the body to reclaim its healthy status by balancing the body physically, mentally and emotionally.

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By using principles from Quantum Physics and different Eastern and Western Medicines BODYTALK will balance you to stresses and challenges in the daily life, allowing you to regain your mind clarity, inner peace and total health.

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BODYTALK integrates principles from different modalities such as: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Ayurvedic Medicine, Western Medicine, Reiki, Chiropractic Medicine, Mathematics and Quantum Physics. Developed by Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Chiropractor, Dr. John Veltheim in mid-1990s, BODYTALK is a synthesis of all these medicine systems.

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BODYTALK focuses on areas of the body that need attention as the body determines its priorities in healing by using non-invasive techniques which allow the body to refocus on its natural healing responses to establish better communication within itself.

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BODYTALK is consciousness based medicine which allows the body to fully participate in its balancing and healing and by consulting its innate wisdom, it will be possible to establish the appropriate priority order for the body to heal.

BODYTALK focuses on finding the root cause of the problem, on promoting communication within the different systems in the body and on making the necessary corrections which will promote healing and well-being.

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* The BODYTALK practitioner does not diagnose, prescribe, use medication or supplements.

* Always consult your medical doctor before starting or stopping taking medication or supplements.

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This is the latest research study in BODYTALK published in the Journal of Pain Management that shows that BODYTALK can reduce chronic pain and the emotional imbalance that has caused the chronic pain in the first place.

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Click to access BTChronicPain04_2015.pdf


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