About Adriana

Adriana is holistic health specialist and has over 20 years experience working in healthcare as an interpreter and secretary and has been practicing BodyTalk since 2012.

Her background extents to mentoring BodyTalk students at the Toronto BodyTalk Community Clinic for 2 years.

She is fluent in several languages: Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English and consequently she has the ability to address different communities, globally.

She is highly intuitive and spiritual, which brings depth to  her contact with  clients, as well as allowing her to faster find the root cause of clients’ imbalances for better results during sessions. Her sessions are efficiently done remotely.

Adriana serves both people and animals and specializes in chronic pain: physical and emotional pain, blockage removal: belief systems, around being deserving, insecurities, not being good enough, fear, body image, toxic relationships with self and others, money and physical injuries.

Her clients’ testimonials state how grateful they are for the results achieved.