How does BODYTALK work?

BODYTALK is body-mind medicine, based on Quantum Physics,  which states that every atom, every cell and system in the body are in constant communication with each other and this communication includes the ones through the nervous system, such as meridians, chakras, Wei Q and electromagnetic frequencies, as well as the communication between the brain and all different systems in the body.

When stress hits, the communication through the nervous system becomes compromised, weakening the signals between brain cells and those different systems in the body. It is like plugging in multiple appliances at the same time, causing a fuse to blow.

As a practitioner, I will re-establish  this lost communication between brain and different systems in the body by first obtaining a neuromuscular biofeedback from the body through light tapping on the arm, and by asking a series of yes-or-no questions, creating a formula tailored for each individual  and addressing the priorities in healing in the body-mind. This formula will then be integrated into the body by being tapped on the three brains: on the head, to bring awareness to changes that are about to happen, on the heart to make it store the memories of those changes and on the enteric brain (or gut brain), so it can decide to change and heal. Alongside tapping of the three brains, deep breathing will help scan the body internally, looking for the areas of imbalance. After this process is completed the nervous system starts sending strong messages again into the different compromised systems in the body, so the body starts healing naturally.