BodyTalk review for Molly 3 sessions!

Back in the beginning of October 2020, my seven-year old German Shepherd, Molly had developed internal infection from a tick bite on the inside of her right eye. CT scan results revealed there to be quite an extensive mass and the vet told us that recovery did not look promising. The infection had caused her eye and face to become very swollen, she stopped eating, drinking and became very lethargic. After an overnight stay at the Animal Hospital on IV fluids, we took her home and were supposed to give her medications to treat the infection and bring down pain and inflammation, however these had to be taken with food and she refused to eat. The next day Molly still refused to eat, no matter how we tried or what we gave her and she wasn’t looking any better. I thought to myself that there must be some way to help her! That’s when Adriana Barros came to mind. Adriana had greatly helped improve my own health and well-being through BodyTalk and I had remembered  that she does BodyTalk for animals too, so I decided to book a session with her for Molly. After each of the three sessions Molly had, we had noticed, significant improvement in her symptoms! After the first session she began drinking water from my hands, and then shortly after she was licking off a bit of wet food. The next day she had regained her appetite and had eaten a full portion of canned food. After the second session we noticed she had a lot more energy and we could take her out on walks again, and after the third she was back to playing at the park with her ball like her good old self. She surprised us when she picked up her favourite orange ball, which she hadn’t touched in weeks, since she had been bitten by a wasp, the last time she had tried to pick it up. But now, suddenly, she picked it up and was playing again! Funny enough, one of the things that came up in Molly’s third BodyTalk session was the trauma she had experienced from the wasp bite and association with the ball. 

It is now December and Molly is back to herself completely! Her swelling is gone, her eye has healed, she is eating and is her playful happy doggie self again! We are so grateful for Adriana for her BodyTalk sessions. We believed they had played a big part in helping Molly to regain back her health and vitality.

I would suggest anyone with an animal to try BodyTalk session with Adriana! She is very intuitive and experienced in working on animals. She is able to tap in and perform effective BodyTalk on animals regardless of them being present or not, since most animal BodyTalk is done by distance.  Animals are physical and emotional beings, and when it comes to healing, just like us, we must consider helping them o all levels, working together in order to achieve wholesome healing.

Liliana Wankiewicz, nutritionist

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I must confess that I had an addiction… For almost three decades I was addicted to nasal spray.  I couldn’t sleep without it and in the summertime I had to use it three times a day because I simply couldn’t breathe.

About a month ago I got rid of this junk that had already corroded my nose cartilage. It’s like a miracle, but it’s quantum physics! I received one remote BodyTalk session and unbelievably, I am breathing again! Now I am even able to wear a mask at work, whereas before it felt terrible. 

Thank you very much Adriana Barros for both treatments: on my operated knee ( I had sustained pain after surgery for a long time ) and for my nose!

I leave my testimonial for those who believe that only conventional treatments work!

Adriana Farina, sculptor.

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I had chronic pain in my arm, elbow and shoulder due to repetitive strain, it  for months. Thanks to the BodyTalk session I had last month, I recovered the normal movement of my shoulder and elbow. I felt relieved immediately after the session and the pain was gradually gone in three weeks. I highly recommend Adriana’s practice. 

C. Arianna, Project manager

I strongly recommend Adriana! She is a humble angel and she helped me have a breakthrough in my life. It is so easy to get healed by her as she has the ability to make you open up like no one else and discover who you really are. I feel at home every time I have my BodyTalk sessions. Love you, Adriana!

R. Shehu, Accountant

“I’ve felt the a difference in my last session, especially with my adrenals. My appetite is a bit more in control and I don’t feel as weak as before.

Thank you so much!”

A.F., 26

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“I’ve had scoliosis pain for many years and recently hip pain. I’ve also had difficulty with taking deep breaths. I’ve had the longest and amazing results with Adriana! My hips and spine feel a lot better and she has released my tightness in my chest and diaphragm every time I see her. I also feel like I’ve changed for the better mentally and spiritually since BodyTalk goes that deep. BodyTalk has been a huge puzzle piece to my healing and I’m truly grateful for meeting Adriana! “

Angel Grace Fabul, Supplement Advisor 

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BodyTalk has helped to put an end to my pain! I am so blessed to have met Adriana, she is such a kind soul and is very good at what she does. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis, but I had been experiencing pain in my sacroiliac joint, lower back, and knees for many years prior to diagnosis. The pain would be so severe at times it would take me 15 minutes to get out of bed because it was so painful to stand up. I had difficulty walking and couldn’t sit for too long either. I had to keep taking time off school and work and had come to a point where I felt completely helpless in my life. BodyTalk has not only put an end to my symptoms but has also transformed my life in many other ways and I am endlessly grateful for it. Pain is a cry for help, a cry for change and BodyTalk allows for those changes to happen and for you to become healthy and whole again. Thank you so much Adriana! 

Liliana Wankiewicz, 24

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I was seeing several different practitioners/manual therapists for persisting biomechanical dysfunctions. My hips, shoulders, neck and spine were incredibly tight from a combination of working at a desk job, and unresolved emotional trauma. I was not really getting the kind of musculoskeletal changes that I wanted from my current routine. after one session of BodyTalk with Adriana, there was an immediate and significant improvement in my mobility. This is the ease of movement that I have been searching form and had not felt since my early 20s. The increase in mobility has lasted long after the initial sessions. 

I am no stranger to the concept of “listening to the body”. I had seen somatic practitioners and biodynamic craniosacral therapists who work with this idea. However, the improvements I felt from BodyTalk happened more quickly and lasted much longer. I was not shocking or stressful to the body. It was very integrative and natural. I feel so grateful to have been introduced to Adriana and BodyTalk. I hope others have the opportunity to meet Adriana and explore this modality within their own wellness journeys! ” 

Sanju, 29, Medical Secretary

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” I recently adopted a puppy from a shelter in the US and brought her home just a few days ago. She’s been terrified and shaky for no apparent reason. She always sits by the door waiting for me to come home. I then had Adriana come and give her a BodyTalk session and she had an instant improvement: she doesn’t shake anymore, she’s more relaxed and playful puppy and she doesn’t sit by the door anymore waiting for me to get home! Thanks to BodyTalk and Adriana.

W.B., MD.

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In 2013 I started feeling occasional pain in my knee’s specifically in my right knee but that pain sometimes affected my left knee as well do to favouring the one side when I walked. Because I was pretty athletic in my youth I naturally attributed this to just getting older and thought that the pain would subside. Now mind you, it wasn’t a debilitating pain or anything of that sort…just an occasional pain (like a sharp pinch that lasted from 5-10 seconds or so) from time to time that would happen while walking, running or just flexing my knees after sitting in place for long periods of time. I was speaking to Adriana over the phone one particular evening and describing the pain to her and she mentioned that she was practicing something called BodyTalk and that it may be able to help me with the pain. I admit I was skeptical at first and thought to myself that it was the new and latest “Cure-All” from some mystic healer. To say the least I had very little belief that it would help me at all. Several months went by and I was still feeling the pain from time to time so I decided to take Adriana up on her offer of trying body talk on me.

When she started I was immediately skeptical once again, but…that’s just me. She did some movements and taps to my knee while muttering some words, which I can’t recall. When she concluded (about 30-45 minutes later) I didn’t think anything of it but thanked her for seeing me and doing the BodyTalk on me. I am dead serious when I say literally….I haven’t felt any of the occasional pinching or anything like that since then. It sounds crazy but in all seriousness…It worked for me. I highly recommend Adriana if you are experiencing any type of re-occurring pain or if you feel as if your body is “off”, because I am now a believer.

Thank you again Adriana.” 

Lawrence Sarpong – Marketing Professional

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” After dealing with IBS for a few years, I got help of a Naturopathic Doctor which helped me to partially control the episodes. However, even having a longer gap in between crises, it was still happening and it was very disrupting. 

Just after Adriana gave me the first BodyTalk session, I felt a relief and didn’t have any IBS symptoms for 3 weeks – a record for me! Then I had an episode but with the help of Adriana’s BodyTalk, all the discomfort disappeared very quickly and  I feel very well and healthy again!
Adriana is very knowledgeable and very caring; her passion for the BodyTalk Therapy is very assuring. I’m very confident and happy with the results.” 
  Renata Lowsyn – Reiki Master
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 My brother has improved a lot!!!

I can’t thank you enough.  I wish you only wonderful things in this life! Take care, God bless!”

M. Santos – sister of a BodyTalk client who had panic attacks

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“Kadu: Veterinarian medicine had given up hope on him as he was diagnosed with deep and irreversible anemia; he came down weighing less than one kilogram, he spent days being fed by a probe and he was released from hospital to die at home…but  I didn’t let him be put down! Today he plays and is happy! Do you remember him, Adriana? 🙂


Mara Santos – Animals rescuer in Brazil
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My husband had a sudden seizure, something he had never had before. At first we thought it had been a stroke, but after having done imaging tests, it showed that he had had a meningioma in the brain, which was the size of a lime. He needed emergency surgery so he could have the nodule removed. At the same time that he was receiving medical care, Adriana was giving him distant sessions – Adriana was in Canada and my husband in Brazil; Adriana saw the problem in details, which we didn’t tell her about, even the size of the head where my husband was going to have operated as well as details about the patient’s emotional state that only people from the family were aware of.
His surgery was a success, his recovery is going well, some sequelae are starting to disappear, Adriana keeps treating him from distance and day after day, he is going back to being what he was like before.
 I recommend BodyTalk to every one who needs energetic, physical and mental balance. I believe that BodyTalk is a powerful resource that can help a lot everybody who finds themselves in a critical and vulnerable health situation.
Try to learn more about BodyTalk. It is worth it!”
Ivania P.L. de Almeida – wife of Alexandre de Almeida, who had the brain tumour
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Thank you my friend Adriana Barros, because after the BodyTalk sessions I visibly got better and improved my life.
I used to  from panic attacks and since I’ve had the sessions, I haven’t had any more attacks, in fact, even my relationships with people whom I live with have improved a lot; the overall improvement in my life has been noticed by everybody around me! Hugs and thank you very much, once again.”

Sandro Santos 

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When I had a BodyTalk session I felt very sleepy and dozed off. When I woke up I felt better, I felt that my pain went away and I felt more energetic. I had a sensation of euphoria. It felt like I had taken some pill that made me feel that way! It was weird. On the next day I was able to go out by myself, by car, I walked around town and went shopping. I hadn’t driven in 3 years! I have no more osteoporosis and osteoarthritis pain.
Yesterday, for the first time in 3 years I went to a party and took my 6 year old grandson with me!
I wish that more people feel the power of BodyTalk”
M. Neusa Farina

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” I started having a very strong episode of anemia in Mexico, where I live, and had tried the conventional treatment through a family doctor and hospital.

I had been taking medication but I was still feeling very weak as I had lost a lot of weight. I then came to visit my family in Toronto and looked for Adriana for a BodyTalk session.

After only one session with her I stopped taking medication and I feel grounded, one hundred per cent cured and strong again!

The BodyTalk system works really well. Thank you, Adriana”

Susana Barrientos