The Cortices Technique

The BodyTalk System uses of a series of techniques in order to look for areas of imbalance in the body-mind and to have them addressed, and the main technique in the BodyTalk System is the Cortices Technique.

This powerful technique is designed to bring balance between both hemispheres of the brain, to enhance brain activity and to restore communication by resetting the neuro circuits within the brain and the communication between the brain and the different systems in the body. This communication usually becomes compromised when we are under stress and if the brain functions from the sympathetic mode – reactive mode – for long periods of time, both our mental and physical healing become compromised.

The Cortices Technique can be used by people of all ages and can also be used on animals.

It is recommended to tap the Cortices Technique everyday to lower stress levels, to improve brain function and overall health.

Benefits of tapping the Cortices Technique daily:

*Improve concentration

*Have mental clarity

*Stimulate body’s healing ability

*Improve memory

*Improve decision making

*Lower stress levels

*Improve sleep patterns


*Improve general, physical and emotional balance and wellbeing

*Improve mechanical function

*Improve results of a BodyTalk session

*It can reverse coma, stroke symptoms and brain damage